GMAT Course

GMAT Course

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The full form of GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test. If you want to take admission in the business program in abroad university, passing the GMAT is mandatory. GMAT is a computer adaptive test which is intended to assess reading, writing, verbal, quantitative and analytical skill in the written form of English.

The test owning company Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) confirmed that the GMAT is assessed for analytical writing, the ability of problem-solving, logic, skills of critical reasoning. It is vital in the real world of business and management and for getting success in it. You are thinking that the test is so difficult but you need to worry our company will help while providing counselling about the test. So you can feel that the GMAT test is simple and you need to hard work and efforts for clearing the test

This test held fives time in a year and you can also retake the test by having a gap of 16 days on the particular test. But we assure you that you will no need to give retake of the test as with our company counselling you will pass the test in the first attempt.

Proper guidance

We provide you proper guidance about the test. Graduate Management Admission Test acts as GMAC’s trademark. In today’s entire world, most of the business graduate school take admission of students as per GMAT test. It is a part of the criteria for selecting the students for the business program. Schools which are related to business use the GMAT test as criteria at the time admission process for the programme of graduate management.

Study in abroad consulting service

Our company provides the study in abroad consulting service for making student capable of studying in their chosen country. We will give you proper guidance about the test and make you comfortable with the test priority. The test is conducted into four sections an analytical writing assessment, a quantitative section, a verbal section, and an integrated reasoning section. The total time for completing the test is 3 hours and 7 minutes.

You need to clear all the sections with good scores for taking admission in the business university. We will help you in providing counselling for each section so that you can clear the test.

We have a professional team who will guide you with the pattern of the test. Committees of Business school take into accordance of GMAT score with the work experience, supporting material, and academic report, so that they can assess the readiness of student for MBA programme.