PTE Course

PTE Course

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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a test which is computer based and marking also done by the computer. The test is designed to assess the candidate ability of English test who are planning to study in the abroad. Our company will make you work easy and simple. We provide you with study in abroad consultant service for making you comfortable at the time of applying for the test. The result of the test comes within the five days of work.

The test of PTE acts like a test taker for the international student. This test takes 3 hours for completing the test. It is accepted by the several institutes of the across the world at the time of the admission process. With the recognized of the number of universities, the ministry of education and employers accepts the PTE test as proof in proficiency of the English language.

It is conducted by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA). The organization is associated with Edexcel Limited. It is the largest body for an academic and vocational qualification. For applying PTE test there are no specific eligibility criteria which are related to the academic qualification. But for applying this test candidate should be above the age of 16 years. Students who have age between16 to 17 need the certificate of parental consent for appearing in the exam.

With our counselling service you will get proper information regarding the appearing in the exam. After registering in the exam you have to schedule your exam date according to your preferences. In this, our company will help you in scheduling your exam date while preparing for the exam so that you can clear the exam in the first attempt. There are no set dates for the exam of PTE.

PTE academic exam which is computer based covers a variety of subjects but it does not require any knowledge about the subject, as the test is taken for evaluating the proficiency of language in English. The total duration for completing the exam is 3 hours. All the modules of PTE are inter-linked and help to score well in your weakest module as well. With our team of expert, you will also get expert in these part of the test and will pass the test with good scores. We help you with all the information which is required and you will also receive email. It is accepted in thousands of academic institutes across the whole world. The scores are valid up to 2 years and once the two years is completed the score of PTE also expires.